Promoting Beauty through Healthly Skin
Tawny Agriam is the founder of Tawny Skincare. A native of Lake Tahoe, her passion for natural beauty was instilled in her from an early age. As a young girl she learned the nuances of achieving healthy skin from her Grandma Marnie. In 1972 Grandma Marnie began her skin care practice in Palm Springs, CA. Developing her skills and understanding of skin care, she brought her practice to Lake Tahoe. It was at the age of twelve that Tawny discovered her passion for skin care and absorbed the wealth of experience Grandma Marnie had to offer. To this day Tawny and her grandmother regularly consult one another and share their secrets.

After receiving her aesthetician license in 2004, Tawny spent five years at Dermalogica. As their senior skin care therapist she developed her own unique touch to heal and nourish the skin. Tawny’s passion for her profession is evident in her many hours of ongoing education in skin care and holistic health practices.

Constantly refining her art, she continues to solidify her skills at the International Dermal Institute. And with her charming personality she will graciously share with you her abundant knowledge.